Add Value or Stay at Home

 Add Value or Stay Home

  • Is your product or service being viewed more and more as a commodity?
  • Has loyalty lost meaning in your business?
  • Have your margins taken a big hit over the past few years?
  • Are you trying to differentiate yourself without cutting your price?

You only have two choices: "Add Value or Stay Home."

The smart choice? Add Value...Lots of Value. If not...margins will go down, sales will be flat, and customer retention will be more difficult. In today's competitive business world, you need a dramatically different approach to win! In this session, Howard Hyden shares powerful ideas from companies that "Dared to be Awesome." His energy is contagious and he will inspire you with examples that you can take back and implement immediately. If your company is being viewed as a commodity, let Howard show you the proven way out of this Momentum of Mediocrity - through the Customer's eyes. Designed to reorient perspectives, this session shows attendees not only how to discover, but how to act on, new opportunities for adding value for their customers. This invaluable insight invariably results in significant sales increases, enhanced customer retention and impressive bottom line results.

7 Effective Ways to Keep (and attract) Customers and Your Margins!

  • Learn the dramatic effect of how having an "Outside-In" approach can grow your business
  • Discover untapped areas to "Add Value" that you can implement immediately
  • Experience how a customer's weaknesses can be your opportunity to Add Value
  • Reveal the dilemma and the opportunity in the Human Value Chain
  • Expose why employees are not working at their full potential
  • Realize that customers have raised the bar...have you?
  • Excel in the crisis - a huge missed opportunity