Big “M” vs. Little “m”

Big "M" vs. Little"m"

Is this presentation right for your organization?

  • Are you a business-to-business (b2b) organization?
  • Are you picking your strategy or are your customers dictating it?
  • Do you want to achieve greater business success?
  • Do you want your marketing to be your strength, not your weakness?
  • Are you looking for marketing savvy?

Mastering the “Big M” can have BIG advantages.

What makes your company better than the competition? Amazingly, many executives can’t even answer that simple question. Business-to-business (b2b) companies, while historically good at sales, often struggle with successful marketing. In fact, what most b2b companies call marketing, is truly sales support, or “little m.” That’s unfortunate, because in today’s competitive marketplace effective marketing, Big M, can be a serious competitive strength.

Of the four Core Competencies that Howard deems critical to playing the game at the Awesome level, marketing just might be the most difficult to master. This insightful session will demonstrate key concepts that will help companies achieve true success ­ Big M ­ with their marketing endeavors.

Use marketing as a Core Competency toward your Success:

  • Learn the difference between sales support and Marketing - the missing Big M
  • Design the Big M into your team - create an organization structure that wins
  • Improve your marketing strategy - 3 powerful questions to ask
  • Define your unique competitive advantage - Do your customers (and your employees) know it?
  • Choose low-cost or high-value marketing strategies... if you don’t decide, your customers will
  • Identify market segments­ Are you choosing the right one?
  • Discover value-based pricing strategies - Avoid competing on cost alone
  • Reveal THE most important marketing tool you have - It's not located on your team
  • Measure your Learning Velocity™ - Are you faster than the competition?