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Want to exceed expectation with your clients? Send Howard in. Howard speaks directly to the CEOs and the people in the trenches, leaving both energized and empowered to make a positive change within their business.

Howard's research at prestigious business schools combined with his 25 years of hands-on experience allows him to customize speeches that tackle the challenges companies face in today's marketplace. With high energy and humor, Howard brings implementable tools to the table that companies can't get enough of.

Howard's Speaker Kit

For your convenience, we've provided an electronic speaker kit which includes four of his most requested topics and Howard's fee schedule. Please contact Howard's company if you'd like a hardcopy sent to you or your client.
(719) 659-8240

Pre-Speech Details

We'd like to help you gain a competitive edge with your client when you book Howard. Be sure to click on Howard's Added-Value Ideas to help make your conference/event an AWESOME one.

Howard's Photos

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