Customer Focus

Customer Focus


Our Methodology

customersIf you hire a consultant they would conduct interviews, determine strategies, and develop a professional report for your review. The findings could then be shared with employees, but with little realistic chance of implementation. It is likely this information will be tucked away in a file somewhere and never be implemented. If you want genuine results then we suggest a different approach, one with proven effectiveness.

Unlike a consultant, Center for Customer Focus workshops engage your team by letting them design “the play.” This creates enormous “buy-in” and ownership of the ideas generated. Because your staff are the true experts on your business, we combine their knowledge with a variety of ideas discussed during the workshop. By learning value-added techniques employed by other companies, participants are able to momentarily remove themselves from the employee role and begin to see through the eyes of the customer. Once accomplished, the knowledge and ability to improve your company increases significantly.


Center for Customer Focus (CCF) founder, Howard Hyden was a senior marketing executive for a fortune 100 company. He was assigned the responsibility of changing the “culture” of the company. Howard and his team did secondary research on corporate culture and organizational change. They interviewed organizational development professors at Harvard, Stanford, Kellogg, and Duke business schools. Howard integrated the disciplines of marketing and organizational development and was the first to integrate these principles into a customer-focused strategy. He subsequently created CCF based on these same principles. CCF has earned the reputation for being the best at helping companies become customer focused.

What is the Center For Customer Focus?

dna-customer-focusThe Center for Customer Focus has dedicated over 25 years in helping small and medium sized businesses reach their "POTENTIAL". We are about creating a real customer-centric culture that thrives on helping clients increase their competitive advantage in todays market. We have completed research at leading business schools across the nation, and we have developed a way to combine the disciplines of marketing and organizational development that has resulted in new innovative approaches and business tools that have helped create a customer centered culture for our clients. Let us teach you how to integrate these tools into your organization.

Customer Focus: is about getting input from the customer far in advance of the sale - perhaps even before the product or service is designed.
Customer Focus: is about getting all employees to look at their job through the eyes of the customer.
Customer Focus: is about adding value at all levels of the organization - not just customer service, marketing or sales.
Customer Focus: is NOT customer service...let us show you why customer service is not a competitive advantage in today's marketplace and why customer focus is!