Employee Motivation in Tough Times


Is this presentation right for your organization?

  • Is your industry experiencing tough times?
  • Are you trying to light the fire in your employees?
  • Have your margins taken a big hit over the past few years?
  • Has loyalty lost meaning in your business?

Employees can be your Competitive Advantage or your Competitive Disadvantage

The good news? Your competitors think they are going to have a bad year. Life is a six inch game; if you tell your employees you are going to have a bad year, they
will prove you right every time. If you tell them you’re going to have a good year...that's the first step. If you want to be Awesome with your customers, you must be Awesome with your employees. With real“in the trenches”experience and thought-provoking examples,
Howard will not only motivate you, he will also show you how to motivate others around you! During tough times Howard’s counter-intuitive strategies will help you increase sales and profit while beating the competition.

7 Proven Ways to Motivate and Retain Employees and Your Customers!

  • Learn what motivates employees most
  • Connect the dots between adding value for customers and employee satisfaction
  • Celebrate your employee success, no matter how small
  • Discover how the work environment can change behavior
  • Reveal why training is more important when the market is down
  • Measure the value of "weeding the garden"
  • Understand how your managament behavior affects your employees