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Clients are continually amazed at how Howard tailors his speeches to highlight key items that relate to their specific industries. He fires up his audiences and empowers them to create positive change within their organizations. Click below to read what Howard fans have to say:

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Inc. Magazine
"The conference was a great success and we could not have done it without you. Of the many positive comments, this sums it up...Hyden was the best speaker of the general session!"
Brian Murphy
Conference Producer

United Healthcare
"The keynote address at a conference is extremely important in establishing an uplifting and educational atmosphere. Your fast pace, humorous, yet pertinent session had our audience's attention from start to finish"
Cynthia A. Page
Quality Conference Director

Wells Fargo
"Howard communicates a number of very powerful insights in a clear compelling manner. He engages the audience in a way that brings home his points to people of all levels. I would recommend Howard without hesitation to any business looking to strengthen the relationship with its customers."
Marc L. Bernstein
Executive Vice President, Business Direct

Customer Focus Workshops

Professional Compounding Centers of America

pcca-centreHi – I’m Jim Smith, President of PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America). Our company was introduced to Howard Hyden through Vistage – the world’s largest CEO membership organization.

We invited Howard to introduce his Customer Focus ideas to our entire organization. At the time we had about 170 employees so we had to break into several sessions to get everyone exposed and involved.

Howard gave us the idea of approaching all challenges and opportunities, along with all policies and procedures, to the benefit of the customer. He calls this “Outside-In” thinking.

Most companies set things up to benefit ourselves and hope the customer somehow gets what they want – that’s “Inside-Out.” Howard got us busy working on ideas to help PCCA rethink everything we do to make it Outside-In.

Howard can certainly keep a crowd alive! His chant is “Are You Awesome? Dare to be Awesome!” We did a lot in a very short period of time and literally had everyone engaged in generating ideas about how to be more Outside-In. At that time we compiled the lists of ideas and then distilled those into areas we could:

Act on Immediately – Our Just Do It list Items we wanted to do right away that would need more planning to execute
Items we wanted to explore in greater detail to determine if we should do them Items we may way to do, but not now – someday maybe Does this stuff work? Well, we attribute the timeliness of Howard’s work with us to have had a significant impact on having nearly doubled our revenues and grown to about 230 employees. We enjoy over a 40% marketshare in our industry with hundreds and hundreds of raving fan clients.

Hang out with Howard Hyden and you’ll make a big leap toward being Truly Awesome for all stakeholders in your company.

Professional Compounding Centers of America
Jim Smith, President

Dear Howard:

Ask me how glad I am that I was invited to hear you speak at a TEC meeting several years ago. As you may recall, at the first break, I gave you my card and said, "I want all my managers to hear what you have to say." That's how powerful I felt your message is. Your concept of "Outside-In" is clearly how all businesses should operate. The problem is they don't.

Every time you address one of our groups, I continue to be amazed at the impact your programs have. We have had other training programs, however, none that have had the impact of your work-shops. The employees & managers continue to refer to "Inside-Out & Outside-In" for years after the sessions.

As you are well aware, I have referred you to numerous organizations. If I have said, "boy could they use your help once, I've said it hundreds of times." The problem is they don't "get it." If they were all exposed to one of your workshops, you would have to clone yourself a thousand times to keep pace with the demand. They too would become disciples as I have. Once you are exposed to one of your sessions, you continuously see how many organizations are out there that don't have a clue.

I will continue to promote your message to anyone that that its all about the customer the better off we all are.

Take care my friend. pdf-icon

William Anderson
Westrec Marina Management, Inc.

The Customer Focus two-day workshop was AWESOME! Our employees came up with so many great ideas that my brother and I were blown away. I cannot recommend this seminar/training enough to any organization that wants to boost their customer focus and to see results in top-line sales growth and bottom line profits.

Larry Trimbach
2J Supply


The content of the Customer Focus workshop is unlike any other I have attended and is truly tailored as a working session so when completed, the take-aways and assimilation into your business is immediate! After six months now, it is truly ingrained in our culture.

Ms. Lori Genaro


Sitting in on the Customer Focus seminar was like watching the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center. Lights were going off everywhere as ideas clicked in the participants' heads. The concepts you introduced have provided thousands of dollars in motivation.

Carol Rogers


With the vast number of consultants and books on business processes, self-help, improved productivity, project management, blah, blah, blah, not to mention all the speeches and seminars I've attended, I have FINALLY found someone who can definitely improve and grow your business. Howard Hyden has been able to put the focus back on the customer with tools and examples from successful businesses around the globe.

Bill Fisher
Fisher Design, Inc.


In the two and a half years since you first presented your Customer Focus workshop I've witnessed a transformation. Of all the presentations I've had a chance to attend, none have had the impact on me that your workshop has. More than any one single thing, your workshop has made us a better company and the results live on in a very real way.

Mr. Curt Hahn
Film House, Inc.


I have attended several presentations over the past twenty years, but none where I have taken home eleven pages of nuggets!”

Robert J. Haggerty
Marketing Operations Director

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