What’s Your Company’s DNA

Topic: What's Your Company's DNA? Drive Change Before Your Customers DoIs this presentation right for your organization?

  • Is your marketplace changing?
  • Is your rate of change keeping up with the marketplace rate of change?
  • Are your customers going to raise the bar next year?
  • Is there more pressure on price?
  • Do you want to learn how to drive change in your organization?

Injecting Customer Focus into Your Organization's DNA

The DNA for your company and your competitors companies may be 99% the same, but that tiny 1% difference determines whether customers choose you or the competition. Today's success stories aren't driven by companies that react to shifts in the environment, but ones that stay ahead of the trends. How?

Increase your organization's "Learning Velocity™ ." The more sources of stimuli that your business monitors and learns from, the faster your organization can evolve to changing market conditions. Through informative examples and thought-provoking demonstrations, Howard shows you how to drive change in your organization. Walk away from this presentation armed with three powerful tools that can help drive proactive change in your organization.

Respond to the marketplace's rate of change - Are you keeping up?

  • Measure your Learning Velocity™ - What is your rate of change?
  • Experience dramatic examples of customers "designing the play"
  • Revolutionize your organization with three powerful questions
  • Realize why your expertise is like getting drunk on your own beer
  • Stimulate your learning curve
  • Recognize your employees as an appreciating asset