You Can’t Cut Your Way to Property

You Can't Cut Your Way to Prosperity

Is this presentation right for your organization?

  • Are you tired of focusing on the same P&L numbers over and over and getting nowhere?
  • Do your employees understand the P&L rhetoric?
  • Have your margins taken a big hit over the past few years?
  • Are you seeing the results you want by pushing the numbers?

Little "p" and BIG "L" or BIG "P" and little "l"?
Which do you want to see each quarter?

postcard-financeHoward's very insightful analysis shows audiences how non-P&L financials can have a dynamic impact on their revenue and bottom line profit. The majority of today's managers simply react to stimuli. Unfortunately, they are reacting to the wrong stimulus: their P&L and other financial statements. This tactic usually results in little profit and BIG LOSS. Howard debunks the myths surrounding reactionary business strategies, and shows how to achieve BIG PROFIT by focusing on your customer's success.

7 Powerful Proactive Numbers that Drive Your Profits Up and Your Losses Down!

  • Increase Sales - by not focusing on your sales... surprised?
  • Reduce the pressure on the price of your product
  • Learn which key indicators to measure - You might be measuring the wrong stuff
  • Reveal the huge cost of not training
  • Determine the impact of turnover cost
  • Calculate the huge impact of a number that is NOT on your P&L
  • Weed the Garden or pay the price